From diverse places in the world, several thank-you notes and beautiful stories have reached the doors of the Butler Valet School.

Here are a few of the letters Mr Fink has received from his alumni.



I have known Rick Fink for over 30 years, since the times he helped my grandmother out with her parties at Kingstone Lisle Park.

Rick learned his butler skills in the Royal Navy; the Navy is the only service which trains stewards as a specialist career path.  

As a retired naval officer myself, I have always admired Rick's knowledge, skills, high standards, and his ability to mix with a variety of guests.  Above all, I admire his management ability of both situations and running a large team.

Rick and his team have helped me run many an event at Kingstone Lisle Park and I am indebted to him.  Over the many years, I have come to regard Rick as a good family friend.

His butler school gives many the opportunity to learn and to continue his high standards and attention to detail. 

– James Lonsdale