Mate Levay

The Butler Valet School was recommended to me by a friend of mine during the summer in 2014. Hereby I'd like to say thank you for him too for doing so.

I had the pleasure to attend the course in October 2014. My arrival to Oxfordshire was very pleasant thanks to the Witney Shuttle Service and Richard, the owner of the Corn Croft Guesthouse. The accommodation was nice and cozy, perfect for a few week’s stay. Mr. Fink said he would come and pick me after breakfast every day, so on the way to Ditchley we always had a nice bit of a chat and a laugh. His great sense of humor never faded during the whole course, which makes the training even better.

Ditchley itself is just truly remarkable. The first day of the training you're already excited and then you go through the gates and suddenly there is this huge and stunning Georgian Mansion. From the inside it is even more breathtaking, especially after you've had the chance to take a tour, guided by Rick himself. Since he worked here many years, he knows everything about Ditchley and he passes his knowledge about the house onto his students too. In my opinion each and every student may take a great pride and dignity to live among the walls of this great house during the course and be trained there where once Sir Winston Churchill lived in.

The training follows the already prepared program for each day and since there aren’t 10-15 students with you together at the same time, you may enjoy all of Mr. Fink's attention and assistance, which makes it more personalized and private. Personally I felt myself many times, that during a lovely 3 course lunch we just kept going on talking about the job and life of a Butler however it was very nice.

Liz, Mr. Fink's assistance was kind enough to look after us every day and I owe her a thank you too just like one for Tom, who helped me with my CV.

The training went fast and one morning I found myself on my way back to London, heading back home to Switzerland.  The memories, the course, the knowledge I've gained are simply priceless. Just like the fond memories about the people I've met, Ditchley Park and Oxfordshire.

Thank you Rick. Thank you very much.

Mate Levay