Mr Rick Fink is the quintessential English butler. He has worked for many foreign Royal families including the British Royal family. His pedigree and experience put him in a unique position to pass on the highest skills and standards to students interested in pursuing a successful career at the pinnacle of the service offering.

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HANDS-ON training, set in a STUNNING environment

Ditchley Park is one of England's finest country houses. The Butler Valet School offers a unique opportunity for students to gain first-class knowledge and skills to master traditional butling techniques tailored to 21st Century requirements. All the courses are personally overseen by Rick Fink and his experienced team.


from a beginner to a butler in just 4 weeks

A career as a butler offers an excellent salary, many exciting opportunities, as well as a variety of challenges. Whether you want to be a residential butler or working on a yacht, we have a number of courses uniquely designed for your own requirements. We have a very good track record of our students getting jobs.

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