Franck Loizeaux

I originally come from Paris and as butler and personal assistant I work in some private residences for an Indian family I am located in Paris, in Switzerland, in Washington and in England.

I am proud to say I followed the Rick Fink’s training with his great team at Ditchley Park, they have amazing experience, you will understand when you will meet them. You are going to meet a legend in the butler world, I have noticed that he is also well known in Europe and in USA. 

The first thing it is impossible not to appreciate the contact with Mr. Fink and his team like Lin, Liz and Tom, all of them have been exceptional and so available for us. I recommend you to follow this training because with the recruitment agencies, it makes the difference.

Mr. Fink is always willing to help us, he is a fantastic person. He brought a great atmosphere during the training and his team too.  It was a privilege to follow Mr. Fink in and all around Ditchley Park to understand all aspects of our future position and these courses are very useful and interesting.

Some people I have met thanks to Linked’In recommended me to follow the Rick Fink’s training. The accommodation provided during the course is a great place to take a rest and very quiet also. I recommend you to book the full English breakfast.

Most of the people you are going to meet all around the world are going to ask you, where have you been trained? When you say in England by Mr. Rick Fink and his team, it makes the difference, believe me, most of the people don’t know the butler world they are going to be impressed and they would like to know more about you.

Thanks again to them for their help.

Franck Loizeaux