Tatiana Rogulina

My name is Tatiana and I come from Russia.

I took the Butler-Valet Course at Ditchley Park in February  2014. I have since had an opportunity to test the knowledge and skills obtained there whilst working on Luxury Mega Yachts and in Private Residences in Central London and found the experience gained at Rick Fink’s School extremely valuable. 

Taking this course does make a difference: where others are not certain about some aspects of service or household running, you have a clear theoretical and practical understanding of fine dining, housekeeping, wardrobe management and house management as such. It helps you to develop an eye and nose (when it comes to wine) for a detail too: you will never miss a stained piece of cutlery, cork taint, or unpolished shoe again. 

Tatiana Rogulina,
Kensington, London