Mirco Bortolin

My name is Mirco from Italy and I had the great pleasure to take the two week Butler Valet course with Mr. Fink.

I must say that having 30 years experience in service in Luxury hotels, I was looking for more details and Mr. Fink certainly gave them to me:  As Mr. Fink said:  details make the difference.

Arriving in Witney is very easy; buses and trains connections work very well. The guesthouse was very comfortable and as soon as I arrived, I received a warm welcome from the owner and then I met Mr. Fink himself. 

We sat together and talked about the course. I was so thrilled to start learning new things.

During the next two weeks I received a huge amount of knowledge and details, and practicing in a real wonderful English mansion as Ditchley Park was just amazing. I learned hands-on and I felt privileged to be there.

I choose to invest my money in this course, because I wanted something to make the difference for me and my carer. It was really worth it.

Something that I really want to say is that the experience Mr. Fink passed over me was like father to son.

I warmly recommend this course.

Mirco Bortolin
Palace Hotel Gstaad