Robin Willis

I first started researching butler schools at the end of 2007. I happened upon Rick Fink’s website and after a few email exchanges I decided it was with him that I would further my training. 

As I have a good background in the Hospitality industry I chose the 10-day intensive course at Ditchley Park.  Rick is a very knowledgeable gentleman with many years of experience. He had a story for everything he shows or explains to you, giving a lot of insight into the world of Butlering. 

It was also very beneficial to help out over a residential conference. Putting into practice many of the things Rick had taught me. 

The accommodation in Witney was of a very high standard. Extremely comfortable with the owners being very friendly. 

I would definitely recommend Rick Fink’s Butler school and the accommodation they use in Witney. 

Robin K Willis