Balazs Fekete

All my life I wanted to become real residential butler. After having spent 12 years at sea, I felt the time had come to change course of my life and become a Butler. When I started looking for Butler Schools it was very important to me to find a school with a personalised training program, instead of an industrial school. Equally important was for the school to operate within a true mansion-like setting instead of classroom like some other schools. 

This is how I found Rick Fink’s Butler School. 

The school operates in a Georgian Manson, the perfect background for such an institution. Very similar to the household I am currently working in as a Butler. 

During the course I was accommodated in a local B&B and collected and dropped off by Mr. Fink every day. The Guest House is very nice, clean and cozy. The training itself was very neatly put together and although I am working for a modern family, I am using everything I learnt from Mr. Fink. 

We had a set training schedule every day, but still had sufficient time for one-on-one conversations with Mr. Fink during the day. Three course luncheon was provided in the school and Mr. Fink took us out to dinner from time to time. Another perfect example for a personal approach. I am very proud to have been a student of Mr. Fink. 

Thank you!

Kindest regards,
Balazs Fekete