James Fischer

Attending the Butler Valet School was the best decisions I could have made, comparing the school with other institutions within England, the United States, South Africa, and Australia.   

From an American perspective, the standards of household management belong to the British, and US schools simply can't compare.  

Mr. Fink's work experience and breadth of knowledge were not only informative but also inspiring.  The school's curriculum surpassed all of my expectations as we covered lessons ranging from table service to afternoon tea and beyond.  

That my learning could happen not in a classroom or hotel conference room but at Ditchley Park, a 300-year-old country house, was nothing short of magical.  Few can say they delivered a breakfast tray to the bedroom where Winston Churchill slept.  

All of it a fabulous, educational experience that I will never forget and that will embolden my butler abilities for the rest of my career. 

James Fischer
Household Manager
West Coast, United States