More Butlers Do It as London Embraces Incomes With Eight Digits

Published by Bloomberg, 2012

There is a correct way to interrupt coitus, says Rick Fink, who runs a butler school at former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill‘s weekend mansion outside Oxford, England. “A firm knock on the door, listen for any noises and wait for an order,” Fink, 73, tells his students, dressed in traditional green aprons. “Then address Sir, not the lady or any other companion, until spoken to.”

School for Jeeves

Published in BBC News

“You have a ladies’ maid, and you have a male butler. But I think it could change, I don’t see why it shouldn’t, just like everything else.” I’m not holding my breath. But Rick is refreshingly down-to-earth and his hands-on attitude to the job is far from the superiority I’d expected.

The Last Butler

Publishe in Provenue, December 2006

They are an endangered species – classic English butlers who have tended for centuries to the needs of the aristocracy with discrete authority and razor-sharp etiquette. Rick Fink is one of the last men standing. Through his private butler school, he insists passes on the profession’s classic virtues to new generations. Provenue met with the gentlemen’s gentleman.