The 4 Week Course Programme

£7,950. Price includes accommodation, breakfast, and all meals at the school, plus travel to and from the school each day, back to your hotel.

This detailed and intensive course teaches you how to be a butler in 4 weeks. Starting completely from scratch, Mr Fink will personally share his skills and knowledge and train you to a world class level. It is highly recommended to those who have no previous experience, or are changing from hospitality to private service. 

Each course schedule varies slightly depending on the events taking place at Ditchley Park during the year. 

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Week 1

This week provides intensive hands-on experience and practice in the duties of the butler.

1. How to behave, dress and speak to employers and guests.

2. How to greet guests, attend to their needs and make them welcome.

3. Become familiar with the duties of the housekeeper and other staff and understand how to work together

4. Learn what happens in the pantry, e.g. the care of fine crystal, silver and china.

5. Learn how to make trays for various meals.

6. Prepare the dining room for luncheon and dinner and other parties, and learn how to wait at table.


Focusing on developing your food and drink knowledge and cooking skills.

1. The serving of wines port and cigars, wine-matching.

2. The management of the cellar, laying of wine and port.

3. The preparation and presentation of fine foods.

4. How to carve different meats and cut smoked salmon.

5. A full day’s cooking with an experienced chef.

7. How to shop and what brands to buy.


This week we will explore the art of valeting.

1. The care of fine clothes, including all types of clothing, uniforms, suits, ties etc.

2. Pressing.

3. Ironing.

4. Removal of stains.

5. Care of shoes.

6. How to lay out clothes.

7. How to pack a suitcase.


Dedicated to giving you the finishing touches; an advantage when seeking employment.

1. The owner of a domestic agency will give you a mock interview and show you how to write and lay out your CV.

2. Look after the 40-50 guests staying at the House and attend to all their needs.

3. Simplified toast-mastering duties.

3. You will be able to put into practice all you have learnt.

4. You will be assessed accordingly and receive your Diploma.